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Oaks of Righteousness

Dec 13, 2020 | Jonathan Neufeld, Megan Ramer, Sermons, zoom church

Seeds are germinated and nurtured in the deep dark black of soil. A newly liberated people draws on this rich metaphor in understanding how God’s jubilee vision grows in them: from tender shoots of justice and praise, into oaks of righteousness. The prophet Isaiah helps proclaim God’s release to these former captives, attending to their bodies and their cities, restoring both dignity and structures of justice. Seattle Mennonite Church has similarly long been called into the prophetic Community Ministry of bodily dignity and reforming our city’s structures. God continues to be faithful in opening new paths to dignity and justice as we have experienced life alongside our neighbors who live on the streets. Listen as Pastor Megan preaches Isaiah (minute 17:47) and as Pastor Jonathan shares an exciting update about God’s liberative work in our community ministries (minute 28:05).



Megan M Ramer & Jonathan Neufeld



Narrative Lectionary – Year 3 – Advent




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