Gutsy Compassion

crowdPastor Megan reflects on the compassion Jesus has for the “helpless, harassed, oppressed, and discarded” crowds of his day as well as our day. What compassion is stirring and rising from deep within you; sending you to proclaim the good news of the Compassionate One come near?

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The Alchemy of Quilting & Community

covenantRemembering the childhood enchantment of lying under a quilt in its frame while her grandmother quilted, Pastor Megan reflects on the magic of forever binding together three disparate pieces into a single whole. Likewise: Jesus, breathing the Holy Spirit into his fearful disciples, forever bound them into a Spirit-breathed, Christ-centered community. A sermon for our annual Pentecost Covenanting Sunday.

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Calling Cows & Listening for God

cowsJesus said that the sheep know the shepherd’s voice. Pastor Megan reflects on her experience as a farmhand on a Swiss dairy farm – calling cows who knew the voice of their actual farmer in from pasture – and wonders how we might discern the voice of God from the many other voices that surround us.

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Proximity & Proclamation: For MJ Sharp

IMG_7871.jpgPastor Megan reflects on the untimely and violent death of dart-throwing, prankster peacemaker MJ Sharp, Mary Magdalene weeping at the tomb of Jesus on that first Easter Sunday morning, and proximity that leads to proclamation.

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Procession of the Ridiculous


An undomesticated look at the Palm Processional and just how funny, just how serious, and just how dangerous it was for Jesus to ride a baby donkey into the eastern gate of Jerusalem while Pontius Pilate was riding a stallion into the western gate. Pastor Megan reflects on these two very different processions and invites us to consider: Which procession will we join?

Listen here. A few notes below.

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Interview with Sarah Sommers

CPT logoPastor Megan interviews Sarah Sommers from Christian Peacemaker Teams, asking her to reflect on the actively nonviolent way of Jesus as it connects with the gospel story of encountering Martha and Mary in the their grief, and calling Lazarus from the tomb.

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Mud made with spit & a pool called Sent

Pastor Megan tells the story of the man born blind who has a healing encounter with Jesus and then tense encounters with some would-be prosecutors in John 9, and reflects on her own experience with a prosecuting attorney after having been arrested at Raytheon, third largest defense contractor in the U.S.


faithful witnesses

“Faithful Witnesses” praying at Raytheon in Aurora CO. Left to right: Laura Folkwein, Megan Ramer, Kimberly Prince, Marie Marchand.

“Now, of course the 4th witness testified to hearing the order to leave [the property of Raytheon], and the jury found us all guilty of criminal trespassing. But not before we’d had the opportunity to tell our stories of encounter with a Christ of peace, a God of justice. Not before we’d had the opportunity to tell our stories of how that encounter had transformed our former blindness into sight. Not before we’d had the opportunity to tell our stories of how that transformed seeing had led to a sense of having been sent.”

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Softening the stories we tell ourselves

waterPastor Jonathan reflects on Jesus encountering the woman at the well and offering her living water. What harsh stories do we tell about ourselves and what self-judgments do we hold onto? How might Jesus receive us and invite us to receive the transformative power of living water?

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Find Jan Richardson’s “Blessing of the well” here.

Read the gospel here.

Nighttime Musings

nightNicodemus comes to Jesus under cover of night. Pastor Megan preaches the third Sunday of Lent.

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Attended by Angels

candleJesus is tempted in the wilderness and then attended to by angels. Pastor Megan preaches the first Sunday of Lent.

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