Join us for worship, Sundays at 9:30 a.m

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Welcome! Here is a quick snapshot of our congregation. You should get a a basic sense of who we are, but we welcome any additional questions you might have!

What to Expect

We are the sort of church that really enjoys being together. Sunday morning is the primary time that happens, though regular fellowship opportunities at camp, smaller group gatherings, and other events outside of worship deepen our connections to one another. About half of us grew up Mennonite and the other half have found our way to Mennonites and/or this congregation for a variety of reasons. We are committed to being rooted in our surrounding community, and are particularly devoted to responding to the crisis of homelessness by companioning those living on the streets and organizing in the neighborhood and across the city. We are an LGBTQ+ affirming congregation that seeks to embody the absolute welcome of Jesus and celebrate the beauty of God’s image manifest in our wide diversities. Come sing, worship, play, serve, and organize with us!

Recent Sermons

Our Pastor

Megan Ramer

Megan Ramer

Our Beliefs

Seattle Mennonite Church is an Anabaptist Christian community. As disciples of Jesus, we believe faith and action are inseparable elements in each person’s pilgrimage. In our journey together as a community of believers, we have named several areas of giftedness and calling. This includes being a welcoming and hospitable community. We emphasize prayerful discernment in all areas of corporate and personal life. We respond to God’s grace and love through worship together. We embrace a tradition of active peacemaking and advocacy for people who are marginalized.

Congregational Life

We enjoy many opportunities for fellowship throughout the year, both formal and informal. We share coffee and snacks after worship, and we also enjoy periodic potlucks throughout the year. Some key times of fellowship take place in the Cascade Mountains at Camp CAMREC, which belongs to the churches of Washington Mennonite Fellowship (WMF). We also gather in small groups, participate in the Pride Parade and the Annual Mennonite Country Auction, have a big camping gathering in the summer and provide a variety of activities for our youth.

Community Ministry

The development of Community Ministry at Seattle Mennonite Church is an outgrowth of SMC’s vision for peace and justice as followers of Jesus Christ. SMC understands that a neighborhood’s response to people experiencing the trauma of homelessness, is exactly that, a corporate, collaborative response. To that end SMC seeks to partner with local residents, businesses, and agencies in generating a grassroots, person-centered effort to companion people who are experiencing homelessness. There are also many opportunities to get involved with a variety of small groups.

If you are looking for Lake City Partners Ending Homelessness, the non-profit begun at Seattle Mennonite which runs God’s Lil Acre and The Oaks 24-7 shelter, their website is here.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have questions.  That is great!  Here is a list of questions people often ask before visiting.  If you have others, just let us know!

Is there a dress code or certain dress expectations?

Yes, please wear clothes! But other than that, come as you are.

How long is the service?

Our worship service typically lasts one hour, 15 minutes (from 9:30-10:45 a.m.), followed by a coffee break!

What is the music like?

Our music is diverse as the the gifts of our team of amazing volunteer musicians! From four-part a cappella hymns … to a folk group … to the more classical sorts of accompaniment provided by piano and strings … to choral offerings by our choir. We do love music.

How big is the church?

Well this is tough to answer. It depends on when and who you count! Typical Sunday morning attendance can range anywhere from 75-150, and the circles of our SMC community extend far beyond those who show up on any given Sunday morning.

What do you offer for babies and toddlers?

Kids of all ages are welcome in our community! We have set up a “pray-ground” at the front of the sanctuary – with soft toys and coloring supplies – so that our youngest ones have a place to be in worship that is welcoming and centered and specifically for them. We also have a staffed nursery for babies and toddlers should you prefer to leave them in good, caring hands.

Where is guest parking?

We have a parking lot behind the church – enter through the alley just east of our building. Look for the Seattle Mennonite Church signs. There’s also typically plenty of street parking within a block or two.

Can a visitor take communion?

Yes! At SMC, we believe and proclaim that everyone is welcome to Jesus’ table.

How do I join the church?

All who wish are invited to fully participate in the worship and life of our congregation – whether it’s your first or thousandth time with us. We gather for a celebratory service of covenanting each year on Pentecost (typically May or June) when we speak our congregational covenant aloud and offer our “yes” to this church community. If you are new to the Mennonite church, please be in touch with a pastor to learn about our congregational covenant and/or more opportunities to explore (ana)baptism in community.