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More Than One Kind of Good News – Zoom Church (4/3/20)

Apr 5, 2020 | Amy Epp, Sermons, zoom church

We celebrate the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem with Jesus and shouts of Hosanna (“Save us!”) and waving our branches. Then Pastor Amy reflects on the good news of love poured out. Jesus silences the haters who would shame a woman for her loving gift and affirms extravagant love. He reminds them (and us) that there is more than one kind of good news. We will always be called to serve the poor. We will always be called to extravagant love.



Amy Marie Epp



Narrative Lectionary – Year 2


Permission to podcast the music in this service obtained from One License with license #A-726929. All rights reserved.

  • Sanna, Sannanina – South African Traditional, arr. Geoff Weaver. © 1993, The Jubilate Group
  • Hosanna, Loud Hosanna – Words by Jennette Threlfall, Music: Gesangbuch der H. W. K. Hofkapelle. Public Domain
  • Pave the Way with Branches – Words and Music by Bret Hesla. © 1999 admin. Augsburg Fortress

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