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Strategic Signage

Feb 6, 2022 | Amy Epp, Epiphany, Narrative Lectionary - Year 4, Sermons

We’re all on the lookout for a sign – the thing that tells us we’re on the right track, headed in the right direction – even if we’re not superstitious.  In the Gospel of John, Jesus is performing miracles, but John calls them signs, and they serve that strategic function of pointing the way to the big picture of God’s love and God’s kin-dom.  In today’s text, Jesus offers healing to a man’s son, not out of compassion but because he sees that through this healing, he can point to the power of God’s love, along a road that will end in resurrection. 



Amy Epp



Narrative Lectionary, Year 4



Ace of Base’s I Saw the Sign

Image: Photo by Brendan Church on Unsplash

Hymn: VT 644 Healer of Our Every Ill #00115

Words and Music – ©1987 GIA Publications, Inc. Contributors: Marty Haugen

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