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Seeing Eden Through the Lens of Jesus

Mar 12, 2023 | Lent, Megan Ramer, Sermons, Year W

We are still in the Garden, beginning to see movement towards the Table. What does this origin story say about gender, and culture, and danger? If we start with Jesus, what do we see about that first curse and the real danger? Join Megan as she discusses the story and the wisdom brought by rabbis through Midrash and learn about the way things are, danger, and First Tears.



Megan M Ramer



Lent, Year W


Photo by Kevin Toval on pexels

Hymn: Voices Together, 162, The Love of God. Text: F. M. Lehman (USA), c. 1917, stanza 3 based on Rabbi Meir (Germany), “Haddamut,” c. 1050, and Qur’an 31:27 (present-day Saudi Arabia), alt. Music: F. M. Lehman, c. 1917; arr. Claudia Lehman Mays (USA), alt.

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