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Ode to a Vaporous Life

Sep 11, 2022 | Fall 2022, Megan Ramer, Sermons

If all of life is “vanity” or breath or vapor, as the Teacher of Ecclesiastes repeats, is it then “perfectly pointless”? If life is unfair, inscrutable, beyond our control, and destined for the grave, as the Teacher describes, is it then meaningless? Perhaps. Or Perhaps it’s simply precious, for the moments given to us as our portion. Whatever the case, do know that “a living dog is better than a dead lion”! Ahhh… What fun to adventure in this book that’s been mostly ignored within Christian communities, and to find ourselves surprised, tickled, and maybe even encouraged.



Megan M Ramer



Fall 2022


Photo by Maximalfocus on Unsplash

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