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Mennonite Voluntary Service

The Seattle MVS unit is supported by two local Mennonite congregations, Seattle Mennonite Church and Evergreen Mennonite Church.
Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) is an outgrowth of the conscientious objector program begun within the Mennonite Church in 1944, allowing those conscientiously opposed to war to fulfill their military service obligations. The Seattle MVS unit opened in 1969 with the support of the newly formed South Seattle Mennonite Church. The first VS’ers in Seattle were those who were conscientious objectors (CO’s) to the Vietnam War doing their alternative service. When the draft ended, the MVS program became a voluntary program designed to provide service to communities.

Currently the Seattle Mennonite Church and Evergreen Mennonite Church jointly provide support the local MVS program, which is located in a large house on Capitol Hill. Volunteers come from all over US, Canada, and occasionally Europe, to live in community and work in some area of social service, environmental, or other ministry.

Community Living

Volunteers live in a large house located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. MVS volunteers agree to serve at least one year with a non-profit organization in social service jobs. They live in community; sharing meals and a commitment to a lifestyle of simpler living.


Here are some of the organizations that MVS volunteers have served with:


If you are interested in learning more about Mennonite Voluntary Service, contact the national MVS program, visit the Seattle unit website, or contact our local Program Coordinator at