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Jesus Observes the HOW of Money

Mar 10, 2024 | Lent, Megan Ramer, Narrative Lectionary - Year 3, Sermons

Struck by Mark’s mention that Jesus sits across from the treasury box in the Temple, observing HOW each person gives their money, Pastor Megan ponders what Jesus might observe in how SHE lives with her own money (and for this Way walked together, how WE live with ours). Would Jesus be glad that the widow gives her last mite and has nothing to live on, or might Jesus be praising the widow for revealing – by her courageous and some might even say confrontational act – the baked-in injustice of the system that leaves a widow with only a mite in the first place? And what does love of God, self, and neighbor have to do with it all?



Megan M Ramer



Lent 2024, Narrative Lectionary Year 3




VT 552 “As a deer…”  #10783 Words: Psalm 42 Music: Louis Bourgeois, Genevan Psalter. Permission to podcast the music in this service obtained from One License with license #A-726929. All rights reserved.

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