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Heads Will Roll

Feb 9, 2020 | Sermons

The story of an insane, self-important, opportunistic, incestuous, tyrannical (but pretty small-time) political family is dropped into the Gospel of Mark just as Jesus’ ministry is taking off.  Herod and company are quite the soap opera.  He thinks he can stop the Gospel message, but a little death cannot stop the Gospel. Where there is oppression, there are prophets who name it and call it out. John way beheaded for it, but his message found new life in Jesus, and as Jesus disciples we are called to do the same to our leaders…some of whom may bear a striking resemblance to the Herod family.



Amy Marie Epp



Narrative Lectionary, Year 2



Full sermon text online.

Patrice Cullors on hope in the movement for Black Lives.

Rebecca Solnit on hope in collective movements for change, even those that seem to have failed their direct objective.

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