Just Peace in the Marketplace: So that all might live in dignity

Pastor Amy continues our series on Just Peace with a sermon that highlights the community-ist vision of the early church and challenges us to communal and individual discernment of how we share resources.  We are particularly challenged to think about our heritage as settlers on indigenous lands and how relationship accompanied by reparations might be a way toward a Just Peace ‘that all might live in dignity.’

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Just Peace with the Earth: So that life is sustained

duwamish.pngOur honored guest speaker is Edie Loyer Nelson, member of the Duwamish Tribe, first people of Seattle and the land on which our church building sits.

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Just Peace in the Community: So that all may live free from fear

Pastor Jonathan preaches the first in a 4-week series on Just Peace, based on the 4 pillars established in the World Council of Churches document, “An Ecumenical Call to Just Peace.” Can anything at all new be said about the Parable of the Good Samaritan?? Indeed! Check it out…

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Jubilee: A Grand Dinner

Pastor Megan preaches the final in a 3-week series on Biblical Jubilee. Featuring “The Parable of the Grand Dinner,” also known as “The Parable of the Lame Excuses!” How might we be compelled beyond what blocks us and into the joy of Jubilee?

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Jubilee: Totally Impractical

Pastor Megan preaches the second in a three part series on Biblical Jubilee: her first ever sermon on the riveting and inspiring (*ahem*) book of Leviticus.

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Download and access footnotes here: c-2016-09-25-biblical-jubilee.

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Jubilee: All the Years

Pastor Amy preaches the first in a three part series on Biblical Jubilee.

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How Can We Be Silent

Amy Epp
10 July 2016

I had a whole thing written about the story of the good Samaritan.  A familiar story that we’ve all heard a bazillion times.  I was going to talk about looking at this story through the eyes of the nameless person thrown in the ditch and left to die.  About how we need to think about who we hate and reimagine seeing that person as Christ. Read More

Blessedly Bound

Megan M Ramer
3 July 2016

We gather to worship God

on the brink of our nation gathering to worship “independence.”

It’s difficult to be a peace-loving, Jesus-following, globally-minded Mennonite

and fail to acknowledge the celebration of the 4th of July. Read More

The Demon-Possessed Man and the Pigs

Susanne Kromberg
Luke 8:26-39
This is a hard passage that raises many questions, and I invite you to join me in exploring them. Read More

The Good Centurion

Amy Epp
29 May 2016

This is Memorial Day Weekend.  And as a gift, the Lectionary gave us a story about a centurion so that we might remember a soldier.  Luke 10:1-7.  A recap: After a discourse, Jesus went to Capernaum, where a centurion who had heard about him sent messengers – Jewish leaders – to ask him to come and heal a particularly highly valued slave.  Jesus commends the centurion for his great faith and the slave is healed.

My big struggle with this story and my immediate reaction to is has been, over and over: Jesus, why are you saying that a Centurion – occupier, soldier, holder of power – is good?  You praise this man? Basically, WTF, Jesus?? Read More