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Weapons for Justice

Jun 2, 2019 | Sermons

Don’t be an righteous tool, be a weapon of justice!  With the armor of God, you too can do battle against the sin of white supremacy, racism and sexism.  Sin’s power is strong but new life in Christ and with the grace of God, we are free to shake off that power.



Amy Marie Epp



Narrative Lectionary, Year 1



Full sermon text here.

White Privilege: The Invisible Knapsack of White Privilege” by Peggy McIntosh.

Section of “Get a Spine” episode of This American Life featuring an excellent apology.


Amy’s apology formula (also from an episode of This American Life but too long ago to remember title or theme)

  • I’m sorry for [action or words that caused harm]
    • Whether or not harm was intended, be clear about it was.
  • I was wrong because [summary of how the person was hurt]
    • Harm may be emotionally or physical or it may be that there were consequences beyond the words or actions themselves.  
  • Next time I will [positively stated change in behavior]
    • This might be the hardest.  You can’t say, “I won’t”  or “I will not do X” and must consider what can be done instead.

Example: I’m sorry I used the phrase “lowest man on the totem pole” in our meeting earlier.  I should have known better.  That is disrespectful to indigenous folks and just adds to the ways we appropriate without thinking.  I’ll try to think of a different phrase next time.  Lowest rung on the ladder, maybe.

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