2012 Mennonite Peace Lectureship – Dr. Fernando Enns

Fernando EnnsEuropean Mennonite leader Dr. Fernando Enns gave the 4th Annual Seattle Mennonite Peace Lecture on Sunday, October 28th, 2012 at Seattle Mennonite Church.

A native of Brazil, Enns received his theological education in German and the United States.  He currently holds positions as director of the Institute for Peace Church Theology, University of Hamburg, and professor of theology and ethics at the Free University of Amsterdam and has lectured on theology, peace, and ethics in numerous countries around the world.

Peace and ecumenical theology have been key interests of Enns, who is the only Mennonite serving on the board of the World Council of Churches.  He was a prime mover for the Decade to Overcome Violence (2001-2011) initiative of the World Council of Churches and is a primary visionary for Just Peace, the WCC ecumenical effort to shift the global paradigm from Just War to Just Peace.  Among his books are The Peace Church and the Ecumenical Community: Ecclesiology and the Ethics of Nonviolence (2008) and Seeking Cultures of Peace: A Peace Church Conversation (co-editor, 2004).

Dr. Enns Peace Lecture:  Seattle JUST PEACE 2012-10

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