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Laughter, Longing and the Confounding Mystery of God

Sep 15, 2019 | Christie Dahlin, Sermons

We welcomed back to the pulpit our former intern Christie Dahlin to reflect on the ways we laugh – from discomfort or to keep from grief, to the pleasure of shared joy.  As Sarah and Abraham have their lives and laughter transformed from bitter and pained to disbelieving delight at the welcome of their son, they realize that truly nothing is too wonderful the confound the mystery of God’s work in their lives.



Christie Dahlin



Narrative Lectionary, Year 2


Featured image by Guille Alvarez at  We says this of the photograph: “I love to visit my grandma when I’m in Barcelona. She’s an example of fight against all odds. She was born before a Civil War, lived under a dictatorship for 40 years, with his father disappearing forever after exile. She then lost her husband very early and has lived more than 25 years alone in their flat in the city, always finding time to make her children and grandchildren smile.”

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