2010 Peace Lectureship: John Paul Lederach


World-Renowned Peacebuilder and Author, John Paul Lederach,

John Paul Lederach was in Seattle October 7-11, 2010 to present a series of lectures in Seattle hosted by Seattle Mennonite Church, Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University. Dr. Lederach is currently Professor of International Peacebuilding at Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute, and serves on the board for Eastern Mennonite’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, which he founded.

The author of more then 20 books published in multiple languages, including The Moral Imagination, Dr. Lederach has worked as a mediator and trainer in more then 25 countries. He has provided consultation and direction mediation in a range of situations from the Miskito/Sandinista conflict in Nicaragua to Somalia, Northern Ireland, Basque County, and Tajikistan. His current focus is long-term peacebuilding in Nepal, Philippines and Colombia.

Recordings of John’s October 2010 lectures are here:

“I say it may be idealistic, but peace is the most significant thing that we as a human community have to find a way to create.” —John Paul Lederach

Daniel Esquivia Zapata and John Paul Lederach, Seattle, 2010

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