Other Resources

On-line resources for worship

Lectionary related resources:
Weekly Lectionary Texts
Leader Worship Resource from MC USA/Mennonite Publishing Network

Children’s stories:
MC Canada Resource Centre

Children’s Literature: A Resource for Ministry

Take Our Moments and Our Days – a daily Anabaptist prayer resource compiled by Arthur Paul Boers and others at AMBS (could be culled for use in worship)
Ordinary Time
Advent through Pentecost

Print Resources for worship:

Of course there are many resources that are excellent. Our church library has several. Some that our Worship Oversight Committee has suggested are following:

Readings from Mennonite Writings by Craig Haas
It has writings for every day of the year, and has indexes in the back for topic, year they were written, country of origin and scripture they reference.

Preparing Sunday Dinner by June Alliman Yoder, Marlene Kropf, & Rebecca Slough
Talks about the various elements of worship in terms of preparation of meal. It also has helpful appendices in the back.

Words for Worship by Arlene Mark
Words for Worship II by Dianne Zaerr Breneman
Both of these have readings and prayers for worship along different themes and uses in worship.

Human resources for worship:
• Any of the pastoral staff or the worship oversight committee:
o Weldon Nisly, Amy Epp, Melanie Neufeld, Jonathan Neufeld, Sarah Klaassen
o (2010-11) Bob Kauffman, Katie Bender, Heidi Wiebe, Meghan Reha, Joanne Sprunger (chair)

•  Musicians (not exhaustive):
o Piano: Joanne Sprunger, Maxine Nord, Bob Kauffman
o Guitarists: Mike O’Leary,  Andrew Burkhalter, Ken Kraybill, Patrick Buller
o Other: Linda Scadron-Wattles or Patrick Buller, drum; Katie Bender, flute; Bob Archer, accordion; Carl Lind, viola; Vanessa Stovall, harp;

•  Scripture Readers:
o Anyone!

MC Canada Resource Centre

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