SMC worship space, Easter 2016

At Seattle Mennonite we understand ourselves to be grounded in and formed through worship. Through worship we orient ourselves toward God and identify ourselves with Jesus. We nurture our relationship with God and with each other, come together in prayer and praise, and we learn more about the One whom we worship. Led by our pastors and a variety of lay leaders and planners, we involve many people in the preparation and leadership of worship.

On any given Sunday, we sing and pray together, listen to scripture, story, and preaching, collect our offerings, and share announcements that relate to the life of our community. We follow the liturgical church calendar beginning with Advent in the weeks before Christmas and ending in and Pentecost, often using worship materials from the Leader worship resource from Mennonite Church USA. Summers usually bring a more casual worship time, incorporating more story and allowing pastors’ voices to take a backseat to members of the congregation.

We strive to make worship accessible and welcoming to children, youth, and their families. Often we encourage children and youth to be involved in worship, knowing that we are not only mentoring future worship leaders, but that their contributions are valuable to our experience with God.

In addition to Sunday morning worship we have several special worship events through the year, including Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter morning “sunrise” service, and Longest Night (at the winter solstice).

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