Small Groups

As we grow beyond a small “family” size congregation where everyone can know everyone, gatherings of smaller groups become even more important in developing and nurturing relationships, learning to know one another, and offering care and support. Listed here are some opportunities for smaller group gatherings in the coming year. If you are inspired to convene a group around another activity or theme, please be in touch with one of the pastors and we can help you spread the word!

We ride…

Every two weeks, a call goes out for a group bike ride. We will plan to have a mix of rides (i.e. longer/shorter, fast/leisurely) and will give a description with the email notice. Generally, the rides have been on Saturday mornings and 2-3 hours long. This is a great opportunity to exercise and get to know a variety of folks from the congregation and beyond. Motto: It is not about how far or how fast, but how good the coffee is at the other end. Contact: Carl Lind –

Hiking Together

Join us for a monthly Saturday hiking opportunity. We will plan to have a mix of hikes throughout the year, some shorter and easier and kid-friendlier, and some a little more challenging. Some months we can perhaps leave from the same trailhead but have options for folks to choose from in terms of length and difficulty. Regardless, we’ll give a description with each email notice and since we’re just getting started with this we welcome your suggestions for favorite trails! This is a great opportunity to exercise, get to know folks, and experience the beauty of creation. Canine companions are most welcome! If you’d like to be on the email list, contact Emily Miller –

Potluck Group

The potluck group will meet on Sunday afternoons at 4pm once a month for a potluck. The sole purpose is dinner and fellowship. We will host the first several months with others in the group hosting as desired. This group is continuing from last year and if the response attracts more than 15 regular attendees, may divide into two groups. Contact: Mike & Robbin O’Leary – or, or Ana Lena Melka –

Writing Group

A group of four to six of us meets once a month in one of our homes. The next meeting date is determined each meeting (usually Tues, Wed, or Thurs), and the time is 2pm for two hours.  We read our writings aloud and then take comments. The writings could be essays, poems, letters or whatever. Inquiries could be directed to Janet Berg – or Mary Miller –


Starting soon, the SMC Choir will begin meeting regularly and singing occasionally during worship. The mission of our SMC Choir: 1) Becoming a committed, caring small group; welcoming young singers (and performers), 2) Offering a means of sharing our gifts, with each other and the congregation, 3) Contributing to vital, informed congregational singing. Contact: Marvin Miller, 206-364-0637

Learning & Enjoying Singing

Do you have interest in learning skills for joining in with SMC’s 4-part singing? Look for occasional gatherings hosted by Stefanie Przybylska in the coming year. Contact her to be connected and get involved –

Contemplative Practice and Book Discussion: Join us for 45 minutes of contemplative practice followed by another 45 minutes of book discussion. Everyone is welcome!

  • Autumn: Richard Rohr’s book, The Divine Dance: the Trinity and Your Transformation. This small group will meet six times from 7:00-8:45 p.m. on Wednesdays at the home of Pat and Pete Lagerwey. Please let us know if you’re interested by contacting us at or 206-200-9535.
  • Winter: April Yamasaki’s book, Sacred Pauses: Spiritual Practices for Personal Renewal. This small group will meet six times on Monday evenings Jan 29 – Mar 12 (skipping one week) in participants’ homes, TBD. Please contact Megan if interested –

ScrabbleBoggle Group

An opportunity for intensely competitive word game psychodrama. Not for the faint of heart. (*wink*) Word games to be played: Scrabble, Boggle, and “fast Scrabble” (a.k.a. Bananagrams). Meeting the last Thursday of each month at the home of Joel, Rachel, Vern, Oz, and Pippa Nofziger. Contact Joel with questions –

Parenting Our Teens /Tweens

Occasional gathering of SMC parents to discuss how we pass on our faith and values to our youth in the midst of information overload and time crunch. Group will take greater shape depending on participants. Topics, format, and frequency will be determined by participants but could include social media, sexuality and dating, substance use and abuse, college choices, etc. Resource articles or books may be used, as well as resource people. To be connected and informed of future gatherings, contact Emily Headings –

Racial Justice

A book group convened last year to read Jennifer Harvey’s Dear White Christians. We have continued to meet for dialogue and action regarding racial justice, and are still discerning our future together. Are you interested in working at racial justice in your life and in our congregational life together? Depending on interest, we may integrate you into the still emerging new iteration of our group, or connect you with others interested in an online discussion of Harvey’s book, or plug you into the monthly gatherings of European Dissent, or launch a second group, or whatever fits the people and passions that convene. Contact Pastor Megan –

Quilting Opportunities

The quilting group is a loosely defined group of SMC’ers who enjoy the art of quilting and its many aspects (ironing, cutting, designing, piecing). This year we have embraced the idea of making 50 comforters for MCC to celebrate our 50 years of being a church, so we have some work to do! We welcome those who don’t consider themselves quilters but who are interested in learning. There are a few folks who are really interested in hand quilting and if that appeals to you please let us know. We will probably meet monthly at SMC to work on group projects and those dates and times will vary, so please join our quilters email list by contacting Ann Marchand –