Children, Youth, & Their Families


Children from ages 3 – 11 meet in three classes according to age, one preschool class and two school-aged classes.   Parent and other volunteers from the congregation act as teachers and classroom assistants.  Leaving worship around 11:00 (after the sermon) children learn through Bible study, interactive activities, discussion and reading, they gain greater depth of knowledge about Jesus and the Biblical story and the beginnings of ethical and theological understanding.  We have been using the teaching resource and curriculum Gather Round, a joint Mennonite and Brethren publication.

All ages of children participate in worship, both with adults, and with each other during their classes. At the end of the morning, children of all levels gather to sing. Parents pick up all children at 12:30.



Both Junior High (approx age 12-14) and Senior High (approx age 15-18) have Sunday school options. They each meet in their own space with a teacher who engages the youth in discussion and activities on a range of and topics from Bible study to social issues and current events. Youth also meet periodically outside of the Sunday study hour for fellowship and and education. Some past favorite activities have included game and/or movie nights, Whirlyball, ice skating and bowling among others. Throughout the year youth are encouraged to participate in an annual service project, Camp CAMREC, and the Mennonite Country Auction. The senior youth also work to raise money for the bi-annual Mennonite Youth Convention, which happens in conjunction with the MCUSA Assembly. Each youth has the opportunity to be paired with an adult mentor from the congregation in SMC’s mentoring program.

pearly nativityTheir Families

At SMC, we are intentional in ministering to families with children through our worship, fellowship, education, and service opportunities. Sign up to receive a “Midweek Message” from our Pastor for Children, Youth, and their families. Each week’s message includes ideas for practicing faith in the home, reflections on how current events intersect with family life, and resources for parents and other caregivers of children and youth.

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