Congregational History

SMC in the Beginning

SMC history Angle Lake

In the late sixties, a group of Mennonite families living in the Puget Sound area began gathering in living rooms for worship, and to talk about starting a church. In 1968, with the assistance of a grant from the Pacific District Conference of the General Conference Mennonite church, a wood frame community center near Angle Lake in South Seattle was purchased and the South Seattle Mennonite Church was born.

The first pastor was Milton Harder, and an early goal of the group was to establish a Mennonite Voluntary Service unit. This goal was accomplished in 1970, with many of the first MVSers working at Seattle Mental Health Institute. MVS History …

SMC 40 yrs later

In November 2008, SMC celebrated 40 yrs with worship, potluck and storytelling.  Over the 40 years there have been 4 different church buildings,  10 pastors, MVS’ers galore (who we love), and lots of faithful relationships.