“Over Her Own Head”

Pastor Amy reflects on Paul’s instructions to the Corinthians about women, men and their heads. Covered? Uncovered? And what do angels have to do with it?

Listen here.  Read the full text here.


1 Corinthians 11:2-16

Symbols of Christian Order, Mennonite Confession of Faith, 1963.

Believers Church Bible Commentary: Corinthians. Dan Nighswander. Herald Press: 2017.

“1 Corinthians” by Jouette M. Bassler, in The Women’s Bible Commentary, eds. Sharon H. Ringe and Carolyn A Newsome, Louisville KY: Westminster Knox Press (1998)

Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference Board Meeting Minutes, Portland OR September 18-19, 2015. link here.

Photo Credit:

Tijn Olij-Spaan. Two Women with Contrasting Dress, 1967, from the Eighth Mennonite World Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Mennonite World Conference Records, 1925–2003. X-009. Courtesy of the Mennonite Church USA Archives, Goshen, Indiana.

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