Gutsy Compassion

crowdPastor Megan reflects on the compassion Jesus has for the “helpless, harassed, oppressed, and discarded” crowds of his day as well as our day. What compassion is stirring and rising from deep within you; sending you to proclaim the good news of the Compassionate One come near?

Listen here (notes below).

Guy D. Nave, Jr., Feasting on the Word A3, 141.

σπλάγχνα (splagchnon), Strongs Concordance,

Frederick Buechner, Wishful thinking: A Seeker’s ABC.

2 thoughts on “Gutsy Compassion

  1. I listen to you sermons via iTunes podcast and there hasn’t been a posted sermon since June 18. I’m going through withdrawals here in North Caroline!!!


  2. Hello Mary, Thanks for writing! I sometimes wonder if anyone out there is listening, so this is very encouraging! I do wonder how you you found our podcast and made the decision to start listening? If you’re willing, I’d love to hear just a bit about who you are and what drew you to our sermons out here at Seattle Mennonite. I posted yesterday’s “sermon” today – i put sermon in quotes because what I did was report on my experience of the Mennonite Church USA gathering in Orlando last week. I just looked back at our worship schedule to see why the gap. June 25 was our Pride Sunday worship. We had communion and anointing that day, but no sermon. Instead, we wrapped up a bit earlier and headed down to the Pride Parade to join a United Methodist church in providing hospitality to pride-walkers at the end of the route – in the form of rainbow colored slushies, cookies, and lots of ice water this year (it was an unusual 90+ degrees here!). And the first Sunday of July, Pastor Amy preached, but then she left the next morning to accompany our youth to the Orlando gathering. Guessing she just didn’t have the time to post before going. Now that I know at least one person is out there, I’ll try to be more diligent about getting my sermons posted in a timely fashion! ~ (Pastor) Megan Ramer


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