Summer Worship: Our Stories, Our Scriptures

“I love to tell the story,

’twill be my theme in glory,

to tell the old,

old story of Jesus and his love.”

Our faith is formed by stories and our own journey with faith is a narrative of our experiences with God.  For those of us who grew up hearing Bible stories or learning memory verses, there may be Bible stories or scriptures that were important to us, for those who came to faith later, there may be a story or animating moment or scripture that compelled us.

This summer is an opportunity to explore the stories and scriptures that shape us at Seattle Mennonite Church.  We will begin with telling some of our corporate stories, some of the big narratives that have given shape to the church that we are now.  We’ll explore the journey with Mennonite Voluntary Service, both in the beginning of SMC and as we’ve shared this ministry with Evergreen Mennonite Church.  The story of how we discerned our call to be a publically affirming congregation which explicitly welcomes people who are LGBTQ is a more recent expression but also has deep roots.  And we have also been shaped by the gift of Walter Theime and the endowment that we now steward, which has given rise to much of the ministry that we do in the community.

Beyond these community stories, we look forward to hearing what scriptures and stories have shaped individuals in our midst.  We will hear stories of being called to ministry, of aging spirituality, of writing with the scriptures, of the gathering of MC USA in Kansas City.  There are still a few Sundays left unscheduled. Do you feel called to proclaim the story of your faith?  Do you have scriptures that are meaningful to you or which you would like to hear preached?  How did this congregation come to be a part of your story?  What are the Bible stories that keep calling you back?  If you would like to be a part of this worship series or have ideas of stories or scriptures to include, or if there is an individual or a group who you feel have a story worth sharing please talk with one of the pastors.  We look forward to worshiping together and sharing our stories with each other.