Backyard Barter at Seattle Mennonite Church

Backyard Barter

Sunday, April 21, 1-3 pm. BARTER FAIR at Seattle Mennonite

Backyard Barter tries to have 10 barters per year held in various locations throughout the city of Seattle.  The events are scheduled to run for about 2 hours, but sometimes run shorter. It is important that you arrive in the first 45 minutes to be able to participate fully. The first hour is designed for sign-in, set up, mix and mingle and to check out the goods offered for trade. After a brief announcement, we barter in the second hour. We request that folks wait for the ‘bell’ to start their actual trading. There is no cash exchanged at a barter.

What to bring to barter? The focus is on the homemade and homegrown. This can cover many many different types of items. You can take a look around the website ( to get an idea, but a partial list would be:  eggs, honey, baked goods, handmade soap, edible plants, garden seeds, fruit/vegetables/herbs, kimchi, beer/mead, jams/jellies, homemade yogurt, homemade laundry soap, homemade skin care products, redworms for vermiculture, compost tea, ornamental plants. The sign-in sheet will have space for item descriptions, but many people find it helpful to prepare labels and/or ingredient lists ahead of time.

What to ask for in trade?
The exchange value of any given item is up to each barter participant. The process is a simple one, you just ask “would you like to trade your (eg. jar of blackberry jam) for my (eg. loaf of bread)..” or whatever you are trading. Sometimes people will say ‘no thank you’ but often the trade works perfectly.  The concept is you bring your cool stuff to share and you go home with a lovely cache of cool stuff other people have grown or produced. Bartering is fun, join us!

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