Good Friday Passion Proclamation

For Christians all around the world, Good Friday is one of the most sacred days of the year. This day, we proclaim the Passion according to John’s Gospel, a narrative in which Jesus, God’s presence in “the world,” is arrested, questioned, tortured and murdered by those committed to maintaining a brutal status quo. We gather to pray, to weep, to remember, and to witness to the countless ways people continue to share the fate of Jesus today.

We gather at the federal building because it is the local parallel to where Jesus was held and abused: the Roman governor’s local head-quarters. Then, as now, the central government claimed the power of life and death, while so often doing the will of the wealthy elite. Our federal government, like that of ancient Rome, blatantly serves corporations and banks while taxing and exploiting the poor and middle class. We stand in its shadow to announce God’s Victory over this system of global oppression and empire.

Around the world, people are rising up against tyranny and claiming their God-given freedom and dignity, often at great personal risk. We are inspired by their courage and pray that God’s Spirit fill everyone with that same courage that witnesses fearlessly to God’s power of transforming love in the face of the murder and lies perpetrated by those holding power in “the world.”

We invite you to join us on this holy day: to pray, to sing, to cry, to join together in sacred solidarity as we proclaim the Good News of Jesus, whose life, death and resurrection show us the Way to true peace for all humanity and all creation.

by Wes Howard-Brook

See entire photo album here. All photos courtesy of Jim Bridges.