Lenten Reflection – Holy Week

from Roots Worship, this edition by Keith Wallis

see the complete journey through Holy Week here.

Easter Sunday


This is a strange compulsion:

to go to that dark place of death,

to reverence an empty body.

We go in sense of duty,

we go in the garb of tradition,

we go with no expectation.

There is easy access to this place:

no barring stone nor guarding soldier

sentry here.

This is the place of death.

Death is all there is to find here.

We can choose to stay,

to minister to nothingness

with our broken hands and shallow souls,

or we can seek the living

in resurrected power.

We can leave in disappointment or in awe.

Saying, “Good morning,”  to the gardener

or, “Good God,”  to the Lord.

This blood


This blood that stills my soul

balm to aching heart

and remover of scars

moves on through time’s passageways.

This blood pretends for instant to be wine;

more palatable, less demanding,

tended by one wounded soul

to a thirsting brother.

This ointment of love

and picture of sacrifice

salves with cooling drop

all the condemnation of fear.