Lenten Reflection – Anointing Woman’s Homage

Anointing Woman’s Homage

(Luke 7:36-50)

by Jennifer Delanty

His countenance shined upon me.

His wondrous Spirit moved through me,

But not in condemnation:

He did not consign me to my cellar of shame,

But up into the expansive sunlight of God’s abiding love.

He was changing everything, changing me.

He deserved the very best my gratitude and my gold could offer.

I wanted to honor Him, to show Him and everyone I was unreserved

About proclaiming Him as my Lord and Savior, King of Kings,

Wonderful, Counselor.

Rushing to the marketplace, I searched for an appropriate gift.

Succumbing to the bigness of His grace now held within me

I purchased the most extravagant nard the merchants could offer

And flew to find Him,

My feet bringing me to His feet.

I was not troubled that I was not welcomed or a guest

Invited to Simon Peter’s home.

Cringes and sneers, decorum and protocol

Were not my concern.

His majesty compelled me to anoint Him with this extravagance,

What Jesus had done for me was so much greater than all of that.

Expressing my gratitude before He was gone

Was paramount, and when I saw Him at last,

I prostrated at His feet, my tears of gratitude instantly welling

That He would receive my offering.

With respectful intention and devotion,

I lavished succor upon the feet of the blessed Son of God

Yet, the alabaster jar’s fragrant contents didn’t begin to encompass

The depth of my soul’s joy and appreciation that

He knew me by name and considered me beloved.

And when others questioned my integrity and the absurdity of the costly nard,

He defended and reaffirmed me,

My merciful kinsman-redeemer.

He confirmed to all what I already knew,
“Your faith has saved you.  Go in peace.”

My heart soared, for I had done exactly that:

I sought Him by faith that He would understand

My need to acknowledge His intercession that connected me to God.

And He did understand that I understood

How much I need Him, and that everyone else does, too.

Thank You for the redemption

And freedom to bless and restore Your feet

That You may walk to others

And bestow the same graceful offering

You bestowed upon me.

Go in peace, my Lord.

April 6, 2011