Lenten Reflection – Aligning with God

So if you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is…Set your minds on things that are above. — from Colossians 3:1-4

In five weeks it will be Easter — the greatest day of the church year.  We will be celebrating the day everything changed, not only for Jesus and his disciples, but for me, as Paul’s words remind me.  How will I be different if I am raised with Christ?  This season of Lent gives me time to prepare.

Several years ago my husband and I bought a new telescope, an amazing instrument with a computer chip inside.  This telescope will move to find anything in the sky when a person types in some numbers from a star chart.  We were both excited when he brought it home.  He had been studying his star charts for days and knew exactly what he wanted to see first.  I was eager to watch the telescope “perform”, but because it was cold the first night he put it out, I kept running back into the house to warm up.  When I wondered out loud once about what was taking so long, my husband explained that the telescope had to be set first.  Setting involved typing in the coordinates of three bright stars he knew were visible, and confirming for the telescope’s computer that it was pointed at those three things.  Once he did this, the telescope did indeed move to show us wonders of deep space that we had never seen before.

Retelling and reliving the familiar story of Jesus’ resurrection 2000 years ago is a bit like aligning a telescope with a bright star.  Although the scriptures and stories of Lent and Easter sometimes seem boring to me because they are too familiar, my world is new.  Never before have I encountered events I am seeing and experiencing in 2011.  Only as I focus on the familiar can I align myself with God’s priorities.

O God, transform me again this season by Your power displayed at Jesus’ resurrection.

by Janet Berg, originally printed in Rejoice!