Lenten Reflections: A Journey of Faith – Share your prayers, writings, and pictures

Lent is the part of the Christian year that leads up to Easter, a journey to the cross.  The season always begins on Ash Wednesday, this year March 9, 2011. The Anabaptist Prayer Book Volume II gives a brief introduction: “Christian observance of Lent began late in the third century, as the time to prepare candidates for baptism at Easter. In imitation of Jesus, who spent forty days in the wilderness before beginning his ministry, Christians devote the forty days of Lent to disciplines of prayer and fasting, and in caring for those in need.”

For many, Lent is a time of introspection, reflection, and repentance, a time to attend to our spiritual lives with intention and depth.  Not all  Mennonite churches observe the season of Lent, but here at Seattle Mennonite Lent is an important part of our yearly worship rhythm.

This year during Lent, all are invited to join in our congregation’s spiritual life by offering a prayer, a reflection, a picture, or a poem to be shared on our web site.  New devotional material will be posted each day during Lent.  Send your offerings of words and images for our individual and communal spiritual journeys to Interim Associate Pastor Sarah Klaassen: sarah@seattlemennonite.org or 206-361-4630.