Seattle Mennonite Church recognized by Church Council

The Church Council of Greater Seattle was pleased to announce that the 2010 Gertrude Apel Pioneering Spirit Award for a congregation will be awarded to Seattle Mennonite Church in the Lake City area of Seattle.

Seattle Mennonite Church, pastored by the Rev. Weldon Nisly, has led the way in the work to end homelessness through its Community Ministry.  The ministry’s mission is to “accompany marginalized people as they seek physical, emotional and spiritual restoration, which is the holistic hope that God desires for all people.”  Led by Melanie and Jonathan Neufeld, this ministry has given hope to both homeless and housed people that we can become a true community if we break down the artificial division between housed and homeless.  Consistent with their history of being a peacemaking and reconciling church, Seattle Mennonite Church has gathered a wide variety of ecumenical and interfaith partners, along with the business community, to carry out the two dimensions of social justice (direct service and social change) in a geographic area where their pioneering efforts have made a big difference.”